3D Technology meets nature

on November 02, 2018
Our Blue Planet: Printing 3D coral reefs

The world's largest 3D printed reef has just been installed in the Maldives. #OurBluePlanet w/ OceanX + Reef Design Lab

Posted by BBC Earth on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Researchers have created a way to use 3d printing to help with Coral Reef preservation, this particular project started in the Maldives, in an area susceptible to climate changes and with no previous natural Reefs.
the technology consists of 3d printing ceramic models suitable for Coral to grew and life to prosper.
At Help the Reefs, part of our development team is dedicated to 3D modeling and started developing and collaborating in 3d Coral modular design to help populate Reefs around the world.

video source: BBC earth.


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