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Are the bracelets waterproof?
Help the Reefs bracelets can get wet but keep in mind some figures can be sensitive and may lose their original colors.
What are the bracelets made of?
Help the Reefs bracelets, depending on the one you choose, are made of crafted lava stones, colorful beads, recycled wood, and the charms are made with an alloy of metals.
How can I update my payment method?
To update your payment method or info please contact; a form will be sent to you to update your info.
What is the bracelet size?
Help the Reefs bracelets are a one size fits all kind of bracelet. Some designs come with an adjustable string that will adapt to your wrist perfectly!
Are custom bracelets available?
Custom bracelets are not available. Come back occasionally as we refresh our collection frequently with the Help the Reefs touch!
How can I change my mailing address?
To change your mailing address please contact us via phone or at, preferably prior to the next billing cycle.


How can I cancel my order?
Please contact customer support  at to cancel before your order is fulfilled. Once an order has been fulfilled, you cannot cancel.
How can I modify my order?
Once an order has been placed, you cannot change the items you originally requested. If the order has not been fulfilled, then you may request to cancel the order to then resubmit the correct order you'd like.


How much does shipping cost?
Our Shipping is weight based, domestic shipping rates start at $3.92
International shipping rate start at $4.99
Do you ship worldwide?
Shipping is available worldwide.
Always remember to review your address before the checkout to ensure the package is delivered as soon as possible to you!
How much time will my order take to arrive?
Once packages are shipped they usually take 3-5 business days to arrive within the US and 10-15 business days for international orders.
Where can I track my package?
Once a package is ready to ship you will receive an email confirmation with the tracking number. Please consider that the courier takes 1-3 business days to process the update on their system.
How can I change my Shipping address?
To change your shipping address; contact If the order has been fulfilled, we cannot change any details.


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